Week Eleven: Progress Update

This week, I reflected on the photographs I have taken so far.

The first selection of photographs were taken in Norman Ellerington’s garden in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. These photos are my favourite from the selection, as they are bold, bright and offer a ‘magical’ glimpse into the world of gardening. I feel these photos would be appropriate for a magazine such as Country Living.

Moreover, the second set of photographs were taken at an allotment in Lancashire. The allotment was initially started by Denise and Phil Evans in 2015. After speaking with Karl and Ruth, we concluded that this set of photos were drastically different to the first set. These images were less strong, and would be more suited for a local newspaper format.

Following feedback from Karl and Ruth, I have decided to create two separate features. The first will contain 6-8 photos from the seaside-style garden in West Yorkshire, in a magazine layout.

Whereas, the second will feature 2-4 photographs from the second selection, suitable for a newspaper outlet.