Week Five Reflection: 27/02/2023

In workshop task five, we learnt to use a series of post-production techniques on Adobe Photoshop.

The editing platform chosen isn’t a tool I have previously used. Therefore, I enjoyed learning how to use elements of the application and experimenting with the various adjustment levels.

I think this particular workshop was my favourite so far, as I enjoyed adjusting the images and seeing the effect the different changes made to the photographs. For example, I increased the saturation level on all of my photographs in order to make the colours appear bold, which made the shots appear more striking.

Experimenting with the various adjustment levels was interesting, and I liked trialling the various filters to see what complimented the photographs most.

For example, I trialled the cool filter on the photograph of Sapphire. However, the filter was too harsh. Therefore, I tried the warmth filter instead, and this created a more aesthetically-pleasing effect, complimenting the orange and red colours in the photo nicely.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to experimenting with different photographs, using the various adjustment levels to enhance my shots, and I am hoping to continue to expand my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop further.