Week Four Reflection: 20/02/2023

In workshop task four, we explored two key camera settings: shutter speed and ISO.

Shutter speed is the length of time the camera is exposed to the light, the speed at which the camera closes. Once we had learnt about the various levels, we went outside to take photos, experimenting with both fast and slow shutter speeds.

I enjoyed using the different shutter speed levels to create various effects. I particularly enjoyed taking the photograph of Sapphire mid-jump. For this shot, I used a fast shutter speed. This ensured minimal blur, and I was pleased with the result as it froze the action in the photograph.

I also took some shots with Sapphire standing still in front of moving vehicles. I used a slow shutter speed for these photographs, which created an interesting effect- a nice contrast between the motion of the cars, and the stillness of Sapphire.

In addition to the workshop, there was also an extra-credit task in which we experimented with the ISO levels on the camera. ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light.

It was interesting to see how the various ISO levels changed the amount of light in the lens and thus changed the exposure of the photographs.

Overall, I enjoyed this workshop as it expanded my knowledge of how to use the various settings on the camera to achieve different effects.