Week One Reflection- 30/01/2023

For week one of photojournalism we were instructed to go into Leeds to find a story,  accompanied by a selection of photos.

Initially, I planned to speak to a busker performing on the street. However, as it was early morning I wasn’t able to find one. After venturing out into the city, I saw a digital screen on Briggate advertising the latest Cadbury Creme Egg campaign.

As Easter is fast approaching, I felt this would be both a current and exciting story to engage readers. I took a landscape photograph of the campaign sign, and then I went on a hunt to find interviewees.

I decided to interview passerby, Neo Slatz, to gather his thoughts on the new campaign. He wasn’t initially aware of the egg hunt, so I gave a brief explanation of what the hunt was. Following this, Slatz gave his thoughts on the topic- stating that he wouldn’t be taking part. 

I then returned to class to research the campaign further. During my research, I found a quote from the Cadbury Creme Egg brand manager which I thought would be valuable to add to my article.

Overall, I enjoyed the first session as finding a story quickly was both exciting and rewarding. I also enjoyed taking relevant photographs to help to tell the story further.

However, in order to improve next time I need to take a variety of shots to allow more flexibility with the choice of photos I can choose from for my article.