Week Seven Reflection: 13/03/2023

The focus of workshop task seven was reflection and improvement. We were instructed to repeat the task from week one, using the skills and knowledge we have learnt throughout the module, in order to reflect and illustrate our improvement.

For this task, I chose to document my meal at popular Leeds eatery- Doner Summer, and review the experience.

When photographing the burger, I adjusted the camera and used a shallow depth of field. This meant that the burger was in focus, while the background was slightly blurred. I chose to do this in order to emphasise a specific part of the image, in this case it was the burger.

Moreover, I used a fast shutter speed to capture the shot of the person eating the burger. This meant that the motion of the subject eating the burger was frozen. Therefore, the image was clear and wasn’t blurred.

Also, in order to improve from the task I completed in workshop one, I made sure to include a person in my shots, as I didn’t do this in week one. This added more life to the review.

Once I had selected my best photographs from the shoot, I inserted them into Adobe Photoshop and began editing.

I used the adjustment layers to improve the images, increasing the exposure and the saturation in order to make the photographs more suitable for publication.

I saved the images in JPEG format, 1920 pixels wide- the ideal format for online publication.