Week Six Reflection: 06/03/2023

For workshop task six, we were instructed to take a series of photographs in both RAW mode and JPEG, and then compare the images.

When zooming in, and reviewing the photographs, there were clear differences, and the RAW files appeared to be of a higher quality.

I then inputed the images into two separate Adobe Photoshop windows and began editing, adjusting the various levels in order to produce more appealing images.

I made a series of adjustments to the JPEG image, including increasing the exposure and saturation, as well as decreasing the contrast level. However, on reflection, I think I decreased the contrast too much as it softened the image, blending the light and dark areas slightly. This created the affect of a more flat photograph. Therefore, when editing in the future, I will be more conscious when adjusting the contrast.

Moreover, I then began to edit the RAW file. I felt the image needed more warmth and thus I increased the saturation which added more pigment to the photograph. I also used the cropping tool to adjust the image, ensuring it followed the rule of thirds. This resulted in a more well-composed shot.

However, in order to improve the image, I would reduce the saturation. I think that I increased the saturation level too highly which resulted in an unnatural-looking image.

Overall, I found the workshop task very insightful, and after reviewing the difference images, I would opt to use RAW mode in the future, as opposed to JPEG.