Week Three Reflection: 13/02/2023

For workshop task 3, we were instructed to go into Leeds and take three portrait photos with a single model, changing the F-stop value each time. 

I began with the lowest F-stop F5.6, then increased it to the middle mark F16 and then the last photograph was taken using F32. Once I returned to the classroom, I was able to download the photographs onto the computer and compare the shots.

In the first image, the F-stop was set to the lowest setting, and this meant that the background was blurrier because less of the image was in focus. Whereas, in the last image, the F-stop was on the highest setting which meant that less light was let into the lens, but more of the image was in focus.

I really enjoyed taking the portrait photos, and learning about the different camera settings, as before the session I wasn’t aware of the various modes. I think to improve the shots, a better background could have been chosen because the barrier in front of the Valentines fair made it difficult to clearly define between the shots.

Once inside university, I was then able to take some extra photos of the objects I had brought in. I think this was my favourite part of the task because I enjoyed being able to arrange the still objects to achieve the shots I wanted. 

I found the session very insightful, and I have continued to practise using the various settings at home since.