Week Two Reflection- 06/02/2023

For workshop task 2, we were asked to create a research post featuring 3 related images, in order to start thinking about ideas for the final project. 

Initially, I thought about doing my project about grief. After seeing a piece by The Washington Post titled ‘The loss of a loved one’, accompanied by a series of powerful photos, I felt this could be a really compelling piece. However, after speaking to the person I intended to have as my focus for the project, it was decided that taking photos wouldn’t be appropriate at this present time. This was always a possibility due to the sensitivity of the topic.

Therefore, I had to have another brainstorm. I decided to change my research post and find photos from London’s LGBTQ+ scene instead. I initially thought about focusing on one of London’s famous LGBTQ streets- Compton Street. However, after some research, I discovered that February is LGBTQ History Month.

Thus, rather than focusing on just one street, I decided that perhaps photos from across London may be more interesting. I added colourful, saturated photographs to my post, as well as black and white, as I haven’t yet decided which format I’d like to have for my project, as of yet. The key to the history is people and therefore having photos of people was a key focus.