A landlords ongoing nightmare

A re-visit to an enemy landlords across the country just can’t shake

By Rosie Brader

Throughout the UK, landlord face complaints from tenants who suffer from mold in there homes, which worsens when we face the colder and damper months.

Students who may never have rented before, have little to no knowledge of the risk that mold in thier home poses as they learn to tackle the issue.

Some can say that the issue is just on going;

“I have mold in my bathroom, I have spoken to the landlord about it but no matter what we both do it just keeps coming back” – Lydia Abbott, Student

With older house that have poor ventilation this problem is more common and there’s not much that can be done to rectify the issue if the problem is deeper rooted than first expected.

Alas, landlords will hear of this issue and tackle it head on to get to the root of the problem before it worsens and this can be done with specific paints or cleaners.