RAW photo workshop task

To see the differences in the two file formats, in this task, I changed the settings on my camera to RAW in order to see the difference to a JPEG file.

Unedited RAW photo:

The same photo in JPEG format:

The main difference that you can see here is that the RAW photo is much better quality, you can see a lot more definition in the leaves and the brick in the background compared to that of the JPEG file photograph.

Then what you would have to do in order to publish the RAW photo is correct it in photoshop following the RAW dialogue, then convert it back into a JPEG file by exporting it from Photoshop following the correction.

Corrected RAW image:

To correct this image in Photoshop I lightened the exposure and I also made use of the dehaze slide bar as I liked how it looked. I found this quite finnicky, but I think that when it comes to my photo project this technique will be useful if i decide to take some close up shots or close up portraits if I want more detail.