Week 4: Reflection

In week 4, we looked at shutter speed and how it can affect your images. I found this really interesting as I always wondered how images like that (were there is something blurry moving in the background) were able to be captured. It is great that I can now try this and put it to good use in the future as I think images that have been taken with a slow shutter speed look great and are always eye catching.

In class, we also looked at ISO and how it is used to set the light sensitivity of a camera. If the ISO is set higher, your camera will pick up more light and your image will be brighter, however your image is likely to be less clear. This again is something I didn’t know existed so it is really interesting getting to learn all these new skills and learning how professionals achieve what they do in their images.

I would like to try to take more of these over the coming weeks to get my practice in as I feel like because I want to take candid photos for my final piece, using a fast shutter speed could allow me to capture some great moments in really high definition. I could also use the slow shutter speed in busier photos to capture how busy the image really is.

I struggled with this task as I struggled to operate the camera and I feel as though my images did not really work, however, with more practice I can hopefully master this.