Progress Update – Week 10


Over the Easter holidays, I went home to Teesside to begin taking pictures for my photojournalism project. I began doing so by heading to South Gare, the Southern side of the Tees estuary and the former home of large steel factories. While on the way there, I stopped near the old factory site where workers were demolishing the last part of the steel manufacturers. I took a few photos for my project, including some close up photos of an unusual looking factory piece which matched the aesthetic of unknowable industry and Lovecraftian machinery.

Part of the old Tees steel manufacturing factory being demolished. I liked how similar this was to the images and aesthetic I discovered in my research post, relating to the bizarre look that large machinery has.

Following this, I continued to South Gare and took some more photos which I will include in my photojournalism project. I will include some more photos below that I don’t intend to include in my project.

In this photo, I attempted to angle the turbines above the rock in a way that paints them as flowers, illustrating the replacement of nature with machinery and the ongoing destruction of Teesside’s natural beauty.
In this photo, I attempted to juxtapose the holiday boats with the heavy industry in the background to represent what could have been in Teesside. The context of this is that as a result of the mass scale industrialisation of the North East coast, the region has lost the opportunity of being portrayed as a nice holiday destination, damaging the North East’s reputation.
In this photo, I attempted to compare the now disused Transporter Bridge with the decayed wooden boat platform as a way of showing how decayed even the most well-kept parts of industrial Teesside are.

Alongside these photos, I have also done more research into a local artist with a very similar style to mine which I will feature in a third research post.