Progress Update – Week 12

In the final week of the module, I took my photos to the media lab in the business school to choose and edit my photos ready for the submission. I used photoshop to change the vibrancy, hue, saturation, exposure, brightness and image size of all my chosen images (plus a few spare ones in case I need to replace any later on) and cropped the photos to ensure they were aesthetically pleasing. I had already written a few sections of my copy, but had yet to write supplementary paragraphs for the newer photos as well as an interview from Jammy or anyone else related to the story. To this end, my work would now consist of finishing the copy and arranging the submission in a way that tells a story. I will include some of the photos I took that won’t make up part of my submission below;

In this photo you can see an abandoned brick building (perhaps an old community building or a religious centre) which, from the angle taken, looks bizarrely like an urban castle of sorts. The sharp-angled roof and the numerous columns and chimneys, as well as the now disused workers clocktower, all twist the community building into a more medieval look. I didn’t include this picture due to the lack of relevance to the story told, other photos included and the overall aesthetic of industry death I was going for. I do like how it portrays my a part of my theme, how industrial decay has precipitated and caused societal and economic decay, but I took the photo more to inspire myself creatively.

This photo, taken by the entrance to the Stockton-on-Tees flea market is one of my favourites even if it’s not to be included in my submission. I like the use of perspective in this photo; the flat wall at the back of the picture juxtaposed with the curved wall to the side as well as the open entrance to the market. I also like the bright colours of the door juxtaposed with the faded red bricks. The use of the rule of thirds draws the viewers eye to the door and the alternative perspectives either side create an aesthetically pleasing image. However, much like the previous image, there is little within the image that contributes to my story or the aesthetic I am aiming for so I am reticent to use the image in my submission.