Progress Update – Week 8

As part of my research into what photos I’d like to take for my final project, I decided to look at one point perspective this week. Having previously explored this in my research post, I’m now tempted to use it as the basis for one of my photos in my final project as I think it would tie in well to my street photography style and my candid aesthetic, as well as illustrating the feeling of being trapped while living in industrial towns.


The most important aspects of one point perspective are;

  • A vanishing point – to draw the audiences attention towards a particular point,
  • Parallel/perpendicular lines – Relative to where the photographs point of view is,
  • A balanced level, no dutch angles – to ensure the parallel and perpindicular lines are consistent and easily viewable,
  • Depth – sides of the image are used to create the perception of depth even when you’re not viewing the landscape in first person.


I found an area in Leeds on Belgrave Street near which, when viewed from the top end of the road, appears to lead straight onto the A64 in a straight, downhill path. This forms a near central one point perspective that stretches for near enough one mile.

I then found a long strip with large buildings either side, better illustrating the style of one point perspective photography.

I timed taking the image to attempt to include two people in the centre of the image to further draw ones attention down the straight line. I thought this image was quite good for establishing a OPP but I took the photo on a compact camera without a tripod so work is needed to develop the quality of both the image and the quality of my skills.

I also tried taking a photo to establish one point perspective where you otherwise wouldn’t think to look. I do think this somewhat worked but I should have aligned the corner of the lower wall of the stairs with the river leading under the bridge. While this image does need improvement, I’m happy with the attempt given that it still draws your eye down the river and into a single point.

To further develop my skills in preperation for my project, I will need to work on levelling my image, getting higher quality and finding more creative ways to utilise one point perspective. However, I am now much more confident in using one point perspective, and am very much interested in taking photos using it as part of my final project submission.