Cropping and colour correction.

Before: This image was taken on a DLSR camera with a medium range aperture. As you can see this image is a little dull and doesn’t grab a viewers attention. This image doe not enhance anything and is a boring image.

This is the same image and I have edited the picture. The tools I have used are the brightening tool and enhanced it by 6 this creates brighter colours and creates more definition on the persons face in the image, I have used the exposure tool and increased it to 7 by doing this I have added more light into the picture and this extenuates the fair ground rides in the back ground.

I have chosen this second image because it has an array of different colours and depths. I thought this image would be good to edit because I can use tools to enhance the sunset to create a more vibrant atmosphere to the picture.

This is the edited image. As you can see the image is more vibrant and the sunset has come to life. I used the brightening tool and increased it to 8. I enhanced the vibrant tool to 6, I used the colour lookup tool and added more pink into the image. I used these three tools to bring the image to life and create a lively and energetic sunset.

This image is bright and has a lot of features than can be used to bring it to life. I have chosen this image because i think it has great potential to be enhanced.

This is the edited version of the previous image. The image instantly looks more intense and vivid. I used the brightening tool and increased it to 8 this immediately brought out the depth in the flowers and the grass. I used the sharpening tool to enhance the outline of the dog because when I increased the brightness the focus of the dog became lost. I also used the colour balance tool to even out the variation of shades in the flowers compared to the grass.