Focus, aperture and depth of field workshop 3

When you are taking images there are a lot of components that are important to know and remember. Focus, aperture and depth of field are important techniques that create a better quality of image.

Focus ensures that an image looks sharper or blurrier, aperture ensures how much light is in a picture, the higher the aperture the more light that will be in the image, the lower the aperture the image has less light in it.

This image has a aperture of F4 this setting has allowed more light in the image and this has made the image brighter and creates a more depth for the brighter parts of the image, such as the fair rides in the back ground and brightens up the persons face.

This second image has an aperture of F16 this image is a lot darker than the previous one, the image is not as bright and this creates a more eerie, dull atmosphere in the picture. The lower aperture enhances the persons coat and reflects the weather in the image.

This image focuses on depth of field. The image is in F8 by using this feature it has captured and enhanced the bee in a high quality and blurred the object in the back ground.