ISO and Shutter Speed

The ISO controls the the amount of light by the sensitivity of the sensor. ISO is a way to brighten photos if you can’t use a long shutter speed or have wider aperture. By using ISO it controls the sensitivity of a cameras sensor. With digital cameras, ISO is used to set the light sensitivity of your camera instead.​ The higher the setting, the more light sensitive your camera is.

The shutter speed controls the amount of light by the length of time and exposure. Getting the correct exposure is about balancing the ISO with shutter speed and f-stop settings.

This image is with a slow shutter speed as you can see due to the shutter speed being lower it captures more movement in the image and has very little focus.

This image has a hight shutter speed than the previous image, as you can see you can see the focus on the building more and see the outline of the person in the image.

This Image I used a faster shutter speed to capture the dog catching the frisbee due to the shutter speed being faster my image I could capture the dogs action and freeze the movement with out seeing movement in the image.