The demise of the high street

The energy crisis has hit the world by storm. It has effected house holds, establishments and now huge businesses in the city of Leeds. Latest data shows that 17. 4 percent of street shops were closed in Leeds city centre in 2022. Huge Franchises such as House of Fraser, Debenhams, Victoria Secret and various others stores.

Jenna Stansfield ” it is so shocking to see all of the stores that have closed down in the past few months especially over the winter. It is such a shame because it is what fills our city with life and seeing all of these closed signs really highlights the struggles our country is going through during this cost of living crisis.”

The country has hit such an economic bump the publics beloved franchises are suffering and the high street is now on the demise as the cost of rent goes up, the prices of products are going up, imports and exports rise and the public simply can’t afford to spend as much due to the cost of living dramatically increasing.