Shutter speed workshop

These two pictures were taken with a fast shutter speed of 1/80 in order to free the mid-air moment in time.

These two pictures were taken with a slow shutter speed of 1/1200 to capture the movement of the cars in the background.

Depth of field workshop

When photographing a person or object an important thing to consider is the depth of field, you can control this by altering the f-stop. The f stop controls the amount of light that can enter through the lens and thus alters the focus, objects that are in focus will be clear and the out of focus background is slightly blurred. A high value F stop eg. F/32 means that the hole allowing light to enter will be smaller and a lower value e.g. F/2 means the hole letting light in will be very large. There are many different reasons a photographer would want to change the depth of filed, the main one being directing the viewers eye to the most important subject.


F/ 5/5.6


F/ 16


F/ 32