Depth of field workshop

Low F-stop number – ‘higher’ depth of field. Taken by Rosie Brader

In this photo I have the aperture settings on the lowest possible f-stop number my camera had, this made both the van and Antonia in sharp focus. This photograph is also a lot brighter than the other one, this is to be expected as the camera lens allows more light in when the f-stop number is lower.

High F-top number, Shallow depth of field. Taken by Rosie Brader

This second photograph is taken with a higher aperture setting. we can see here that that I have lost detail of the background and all the detail is on Antonia in the foreground. This image is also darker as the camera lens lows less light in and this creates a darker photograph.

Medium/normal aperture setting – photo taken by Rosie Brader

In this photograph, the f-stop number is just on a normal setting and this creates an image where all the elements in frame are the same focus.

Extra credit images:

photo taken by Rosie Brader
photo taken by Rosie Brader
photo taken by Rosie Brader

A landlord’s worst nightmare

Students and landlords alike face a common problem in the colder months, mold.

Photo taken by Rosie Brader

As we face the damper and colder weather, older houses face the resurgence of mold growing in their homes.With the excess moisture, mold grows from corner to corner. This student has experienced this issue first hand.

“It seemed to start as we went into the winter, it started in the bathroom where an entire wall was almost completely covered in mold, then I noticed in my bedroom.” – Lydia Abbott

She expressed that the mold, especially in the bathroom, was put down to poor ventilation and the house simply just being old.

Despite numerous re-visits from her landlord and their efforts to eradicate the mold, it always returns.

“There is only so much that I can do, from keeping the windows open to wiping off the mold I can’t think of anything else” – Lydia Abbott

With growing awareness on this topic, health concerns are raised over social media as students, and other residents, share photos of growing mold in their homes.

Photo taken by Rosie Brader

If tenant queries are overlooked, there are numerous groups nationwide available to contact for support that are heavily shared and advertised over social media.