Shutter Speed and ISO

For this workshop, we learnt about how shutter speed and ISO settings affect the outcome of pictures taken on a DSLR camera. The lower the ISO, the clearer the image is. The shutter speed controls how much light enters the camera, making images come up darker or more exposed.

The first picture is Rai jumping, captured in mid air. The settings for this picture were ISO 100, f2.8 and 1/1250. The clear silhouette of Rai is achieved through a fast shutter speed setting and avoids the action in the image from becoming blurred.

The second image is Rai standing in front of a busy road, as cars race by. The settings for this image were ISO 100, f20 and 1/4 s. Rai is the focal point of the image and in captured in photos while the car in the background is blurred.

Varying Aperture – Portraits of Harry Miles

Image 1 – Blurry, transparent image. Camera Settings are: ISO 800, Lens Setting 35mm, Aperture 22, Shutter Speed 1 second

Image 2 – Portrait with hand covering face. Camera settings are: ISO 6400, Lens Setting 40mm, Aperture 11, Shutter Speed 1/50 second

Image 3 – Portrait of Harry smiling. Camera settings are: ISO 6400, Lens Setting 38, Aperture 2.8, Shutter Speed 1/500 second

Image 4 – Full body portrait, smiling. Camera settings are: IS 6400, Lens Setting 17, Aperture 6.4, Shutter Speed 1/200 second

Image 5 – Posed full body portrait. Camera settings are: ISO 6400, Lens Setting 17mm, Aperture 22, Shutter Speed 1/13 second.

Starting your zero waste journey

As climate change becomes more apparent in our daily lives, some people are choosing to opt for more eco-friendly products. In an attempt to eliminate single-use plastics, zero-waste shops provide an option to reuse old containers to do your weekly shop.

With two stores in Leeds City Centre and Bramley, Ecotopia has something for everyone. To make just one small eco-friendly change to everyday life, you could opt for reusable period products, shampoo bars or toothpaste tabs. With the closure of Panda Refills, a zero waste stall located in Kirkgate Market, last October, the future for zero waste shops in Leeds seemed uncertain. However, to set itself apart from the rest, Ecotopia also showcases local artists’ work. Handmade candles, recycled earrings and crochet tubs are just some of the unique items sold in their store.

With a 10% discount for students, the younger generation is being encouraged to make eco-friendly behaviours. The events and notice board located by the door of the store advertises all sorts of events, groups and apps that promote ways for us all to be kinder to the earth. Whether you’re curious about zero-waste living or looking for more eco-friendly products, visiting your local zero-waste store could help broaden your horizons.