Work in Progress – Gemma Ryles

Due to completing this task late, I am able to use shots of my interviewees. This is ideal as it means I can experiment and work through the photos that I have to help narrow down which photos are best.

All my photos were taken using an iPhone X, using the app ProShot. These images were taken RAW and then converted to JPEG and resized. They have not been edited past that, as I wanted to evaluate how I could improve the images, and I am wanting to edit all of my chosen photos at the same time so they are consistent.

The first photo is a candid photo of the owner of Chirpy waving at someone on the street. I liked this photo as not only is it a portrait, it also includes the bold text on the wall, and I really enjoy the way the sun hit the top of the photo. When editing this photo (or other photos I have from this wall) I hope to make the colours in the photo bolder, and to emphasize the text on the wall. I will do this by altering the saturation and focus to bring out the tones in the photo.

The second photo is of the staff member in Flavour Like Fancy, who was very lovely and let me take photos of her. I really liked this shot as it features the shops logo and name, and I think that the neon sign and posters in the background give the photo a lot of personality. While in the shop I noticed that the photos came out a little darker than in Chirpy, but I think this was due to the lack of natural light in the shop. I really like this image and think I will include it in my final piece and hope that when I edit it I will be able to bring out more of the colour in the store. I will also slightly crop and rotate the image, as currently it’s on a slight angle and would look better rotated as it would bring more focus to the staff member in the image.

This is a shot of the inside of Flavour Like Fancy, taken from the back of the store towards the window. Due to the window placement, the image is quite dark towards the closest part of the photo and lighter further away. I hope to edit this to clear some of the overexposure in the window, and brighten and sharpen some of the items in the image. I like the angle of this shot and the way it features so much of the shop while focusing on specific products. Personally, I also really liked the way that the shelving and clothes rail sits straight and parallel to the bottom of the screen, I think it gives a great view of the store and the perspective that you are actually inside the shop.

Louise Hollingsworth’s Before and After

Scarborough’s South Bay Beach – Before shot

I shot this image using my Sony Cybershot DSC – HX60 camera, in the scene selection mode as it’s a wide picture. I wanted to photograph the beach as this is where I’ll be focusing my entire article and I think it would be good to include a beach picture, perhaps.

Scarborough’s South Bay Beach – After shot

I edited the photo using Photoshop, and I edited it by increasing the brightness as it’s a very, very dull picture due to the weather. I also increased the exposure, mainly just playing around with Photoshop but I liked what it did. I also increased the vibrance, and I made the tones warmer and I personally really like the outcome.

I think it’s made the picture look better and definitely more documentary like as the first photograph was too dark and not what it looked like in real life. I personally really like the outcome, even though I would like sunnier weather when I take my photos, I don’t think the edits I have made has taken away from the rainy weather at all.