Gemma Ryles Before and After

A before photo of Aaron Oakes
The before shot of Aaron Oakes.

I shot this image using my iPhone using the camera app. The camera was set to 4K. I wanted to take a portrait as in my final piece I hope to take photos of people doing their daily activities, as well as some posed shots, to show how people who have undergone medical treatment go about their daily tasks.

I chose this image as I liked that it looked natural, and very personal as it’s inside someones house. I also liked the fact he was making tea, as it’s a very mundane activity that a lot of people do daily, and I want to replicate this with some of my interviews as they are not as able and so may do things like this differently.

After Aaron Oakes photo.
The after photo of Aaron.

I put the photo through Photoshop on my computer. I wanted to make it brighter and less dull, as out kitchen is quite dark against the bright window. I also cropped the image slightly, to give him a little less headroom and move the attention towards the middle of the photo.

I did not have many issues fixing the image, there wasn’t anything I wanted to cut out and I was happy with how the colours looked after editing.